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HTC Vive; Vive Sync for holding VR meetings, free Beta

Since COVID-19 pushing many industries to continue to conduct their business online through e-conferencing, there’s a demand for presentation and business tools online. HTC is announcing a new presentation tool for its VR platform: the Vive. The platform is called Vive Sync, and it lets people conduct presentations in a virtual 3D space.

The first aspect of the VR platform that’s different from video conferencing is the use of personalized avatars. These avatars are full body and can convey body language in a presentation. Creating your avatar starts with a selfie. Customization aspects like facial features, body types, and clothing are possible, with more options to become available in future updates. The Vive Pro Eye will be able to track eye movement into the virtual space.
Meeting rooms will allow up t 30 people, and Vive Sync will be free for businesses through the end of this year. Every participant will need to have an HTC Vive device to join a meeting. The Open Beta is now available from the Vive website. Check the Source link for more details about joining.

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